1. Your project must not be started until the Opening Ceremony concludes on September 17, 2021 around 6 PM CT. While brainstorming is allowed prior to the event, no code may be written, no prototypes can be built, no models can be trained, etc. If you are unsure of what is considered working on the project prior to the event, please reach out to the Pinnacle team via your Pinnacle Portal.
  2. You may not copy/paste code from any online source, or use open source projects/frameworks, without proper attribution in the code and while giving your pitch to judges. For example, if you use a large open source project as a significant part of your submission, you should be sure to be transparent about what parts you built and what parts you didn't build during judging.
  3. Code check-ins at specified time intervals, via Pinnacle's Git system, are required. More information will be provided at the Opening Ceremony.
  4. You and your project must abide by the Pinnacle Code of Conduct at all times.